Our Why

Financial Exclusion
There is a huge social inequality in the world due to the lack of access to the financial system by a large part of the population. There are over 1.7 billion people without access to banks and basic financial services.
The pandemic caused high unemployment rates around the world, mainly affecting the low-income population where working at home is not an option. Over 200 million unemployed people worldwide and over 15 million in Brazil. There are over 10 million people living in Favelas (Slums) in Brazil alone. Of the 200 million people living in Brazil, half are gamers, 15% were left unemployed because of the pandemic, and the remaining wages are falling 20% year on year.
Drug trafficking
Drug trafficking is unfortunately considered a real career in the underserved communities in Brazil. Teens start out earning between 10 and 20 dollars a week to deliver drugs, but they participate in a hierarchical structure that allows them to move up and increase their salaries, reaching up to 500 dollars a week if they continue to be "promoted". The idea of ​​P4C is precisely to reach these teenagers at the beginning of their "career", where we believe that young people are not completely dazzled by the world of crime and when they see an alternative they can change their path.
Emerging technologies such as AI and Robotics will cause massive replacement of people in manual jobs. Upskilling and reskilling will be needed across multiple industries as over 60% of jobs will be automated.


Play4Change was born with the purpose of generating financial inclusion, educational empowerment and social transformation leveraging blockchain play 2 earn games. We are an organization that focuses on social impact in underrepresented communities in developing nations. Besides giving them opportunities to generate income we also hold educational sessions covering hard skills such as blockchain, crypto, financial literacy, how to use digital wallets as well as soft skills like leadership, communication and creativity.
People that did not have bank accounts now are leapfrogging the system by using digital wallets and transforming their financial situation. We are seeing these young players find an alternative to improve their lives with crypto and blockchain games. Games offer a door to enter this new web3 world, learn about crypto and our community is changing their realities. We are currently working with 2 games, Axie infinity and Thetan arena, providing scholarships, training and education to vulnerable locations.
We are also educating public and private institutions on the importance of Bitcoin as an alternative to our existing fiat currencies, on the value of web3 to bring power back to the people and reverting the negative image of cryptocurrencies as a whole in Brazil brought by the traditional media.


We use decentralized games to impact people's lives in a positive, constructive and fun way. The new “Play To Earn” model enabled by Blockchain is transforming the way we play online, allowing players to participate in the distribution of profits generated by games through cryptocurrencies.
We are exploring platforms to build our DAO so we can decentralize the organization and issue our governance token P4C to recognize the value brought by the community. We partner with non-profits located in these regions to support us on onboarding new people into our P4C community, understanding their needs and measuring the SROI (Social Return Over Investment).
We believe becoming a DAO will be fundamental for the future success of Play4Change, giving ownership to the community participants and to make this movement outlast all of us. Having a decentralized governance system will create trust and resiliency for the community to survive attacks from countries with authoritarian governments and avoid corruption from centralized decision making within our own organization. This will also allow us to remotely coordinate more effectively and increase our positive impact over time. User ownership promotes financial inclusion by making people owners and democratic voters in the platforms they use, DAOs are the future of human and machine coordination. NFTs provide on-chain identity and reputation for DAO contributors; DeFi gives DAO members massive liquidity pools of capital to govern; and scaling solutions like Harmony will make on-chain governance economically feasible.