The gaming industry is being reinvented by the web3 tools and leveraging the power of NFTs to bring digital property and ownership to the players allowing them to actively participate in this economy earning cryptocurrencies as they progress within the game. According to Exame, Brazil is the fifth country on the planet with the highest number of gamers and consumption of electronic games. It is also the biggest market of mobile gaming in Latin America. By knowing this potential we realized that blockchain games would be the gateway for people to join the web3 movement, learn about this new economy and participate in it.
Besides generating income and fun, blockchain games are also an excellent tool to introduce the cryptocurrencies universe to these young crowds from underserved communities that could potentially be the last one benefiting from it due to their current access to information and to the financial system. We validated that leveraging the simple language of games we would facilitate this process of onboarding people to download a digital wallet and enter the decentralized finance world naturally without prior advanced knowledge of finance or economics.
Blockchain games have been our main ally to generate financial inclusion, educational empowerment and social transformation in underserved communities in developing nations.
Last modified 10mo ago