We believe blockchain can empower the population without access to banks to leapfrog the very costly and archaic banking system and have access to previously inaccessible financial services. Once they learn about bitcoin they change their mindset to a more low time preference one where we look more into our future selves and take important actions in the present. When our money is not being devalued with time we get out of survival mode and see a more abundant world. We want to show them that if they invest time learning about web3 and interacting with these new protocols they will also be able to provide value to the ecosystem and benefit from them.
Although they have no access to the regular financial system, they do own smartphones which have one of the highest penetration rates in Brazil. With P4C we are actually already seeing this change, where people from the very deep places inside the favelas in Rio de Janeiro are using Metamask, Ronin and Binance to receive their tokens from the play to earn games and making decisions if they want to convert into FIAT money or reinvest in other blockchain related projects. A few months ago they were excluded from the financial system and part of the “non-accredited” investors bucket but now they are becoming more sophisticated investors than those considered "accredited".